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Dynamics CRM – How to find duplicate plug-in steps

Use below query to find the duplicate plug-in steps. If count is greater than 1 means it is duplicate step. SELECT name, PluginTypeId, plugintypeidname, count(*) FROM SdkMessageProcessingStep WHERE IsManaged = 0 and name <> ‘ObjectModel Implementation’ and name <> ”

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Get CRM list of Plug-in using SQL Query

Use below query: SELECT DISTINCT c.LogicalName, a.EventHandlerName, a.SdkMessageIdName, case a.Stage when 10 then ‘Pre Validation’ when 20 then ‘Pre’ when 30 then ” when 40 then ‘Post’ when 50 then ‘Post (Deprecated)’ end as Stage, case a.Mode when 0 then

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