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List of custom Plug-in SDK steps

How to find the list of custom plug-in SDK steps using Advance Find: Go To Advance Find: Mention below two criteria to find the list of custom plugin SDK steps Event Handler     Does Not Contain       Microsoft Name

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Import solution error in CRM 2015 with update 0.2

Question: Solution import fails in CRM 2015 with update 0.2 Answer: While importing the solution in a environment where CRM 2015 with update 0.2. The error may show Business Rule error. This is official bug from Microsoft. Fix will be available in

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Change default lookup – SetRegardingLookupDefaultEntityType

Question: I want to change my default lookup entity from Account to Contact Answer: This is possible out of box. Download the OrgDB setting tool from codeplex: Import the “OrganizationSettingEditor” solution Change the vale for SetRegardingLookupDefaultEntityType OrgDBSetting to contact. Refresh the

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MS CRM 2015 Business Rule not working after update 0.1

Issue: MS CRM 2015 Business Rule not working after update 0.1 Solution: Export the solution from your development environment Import the same solution back to your development environment Now again export the solution from the development environment Import it to your

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